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Proposal: Research [Feb. 14th, 2006|11:14 pm]
Napkin Philosophy
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[music |Gorillaz - Kids With Guns]

Greetings inactive MTU napkin philosophers. I've been thinking (oh the drama) a lot lately.

You know what we should do? What is the "highest level" of "napkin phliosophizing"? Research, of course!

Universities do research. We go to a university. Wouldn't it be ideal if one (or more!) professors were willing to support/advise our "napkin philosophizing" efforts - in the lab?!

Idea 1: Big Research Team

So, here's my idea. When is research done best? When you have a team! I don't think we could very easily set up a research center for our purposes or anything, but I think it may be possible for the more "theoretically inclined" of us Techies to set up some kind of research team consisting of people we know (within reasonable numerical limits, of course).

We'd need the support of at least one professor, but the more the better. Depending on what kind of project we'd decide on, the number and department of professors willing to support our efforts would change (interdepartmental professor support... ::drools::).

Now, this may be just dreaming, but it sounds like a good idea at the moment. It would just be so great to collaborate with a *larger number* of people that I know and are interested in research. Power in numbers, right?

And I won't lie: I have a fetish with group organization to achieve common goals.

Idea 2: Normal Research

It is not inconceivable that a professor would be willing to support a smaller team on a topic that they are more familiar with - e.g., Nilifur and artificial intelligence, Steve Carr and compilers, Pastel and HCI, etc. This is your more common version of undergraduate researching and is not bad, but not as attractive as idea 1.


I think either would be fun, to be honest, and a bonding experience (the crowd groans) for those of us planning to graduate next year.

Does anyone have any interest in either?