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Reasoning: Artificial Intelligence [Mar. 17th, 2006|11:10 am]
Napkin Philosophy

Continuing from the proposal post about the development of reasoning, I'd like to relate this back to AI.

If we are to model human intelligence or reasoning in a computer, we'd want to cover the two basic areas: memory and reasoning.

What this amounts to is that an intelligent machine must:

1. Be able to both learn and use knowledge ("memory")
2. Be able to reason with logic with or witout memory ("reasoning")

But wait, there's more:

3. Be able to connect on an emotional or social level

This last one is only for "robots" that we wish to model humans as a whole - not for AI applications that are utilitarian (e.g., using AI for database knowledge discovery).

So 1 and 2 are the essential aspects of AI - and, lo and behold, that is what research in AI is focusing on: machine learning (1), and reasoning (with uncertainy, causal reasoning, etc) (2).

This is just to clarify the framework a little bit, I guess.